Vermont Branch Company

Some say addicted, some say unhealthy, I just describe my shopping habits as dedicated.

As an avid shopper, you find that when a purchase is made that is of poor quality, everyone and their mother will find out.

A sweater ripped after two wears? Food poisoning from the local deli? Someone in these situations will spread the word to friends, enemies, and the person behind him or her in the grocery line to avoid this company at all costs.

However, praise rarely receives the same press.

For this reason, I would like to thank the VermontBranchCompany for providing me with one of the most positive online shopping experiences of my life. Found on Etsy, this tight-knit family business catered their design to my interests.


Creating candleholders and other products out of birch, the family often carves initials and hearts as gifts for couples. Interested in the design for a round of sorority recruitment, I asked VermontBranchCompany to carve the Greek letters of Alpha Gamma Delta into the candles instead. Without hesitation, they produced 15 perfect candles.

Furthermore, when the candles arrived, they were accompanied by a handwritten thank you note set in a birch place holder. These candleholders fit with the decor flawlessly and added a personal touch that looked like it had be planned for months. I have loved working with this company and promised our returning business for the next recruitment season.

Moral of the story, it’s all in the ask. Hope you check them out as well!

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