We’re a bit preoccupied with credentials. In the past, that’s led me to wonder, who am I to write this piece and post it and share it? What if there’s someone else who knows more? I’m not an expert, I’m not a doctor, I’m not a chef, I’m not- what if people notice? I should be a bit quieter, a bit smaller.

I’m over it.

For every “I am not,” there are a million more “I am’s.” And whatever I am doingI’ll be the first to say it’s pretty scrappy. 

Scrappy is not having any roadmap, but acting with the confidence of already being there. You’ll find this in making a creative outlet out of anything, events that started with one idea that I ran away with, and a high priority of creating a life you love. The rest will fall into place.

About Sarah Reed:

  • Scrappy is reclaiming “make it pretty”: As a visual thinker, what I do in marketing can often be belittled to a nice to have. Instead, as a Marketing Specialist at Comcast, I help the Twin Cities Region sales teams succeed by making our communications, incentives, and trainings fun. Good vibes only may one day be on my business cards.
  • Scrappy is signing up for a 200 hour yoga teacher training at 17 with zero hesitation- A health and fitness enthusiast, I have been a certified yoga instructor since spring 2011. Yoga is one of my greatest passions and pleasures in life, and teaching allows me to share that with others. I teach Yoga Sculpt, CoreCardio Circuit, C1, and C2 at CorePower Yoga downtown and in Northeast. Calling all early birds, look for Sarah Re on the schedules.
  • Scrappy is saying “yes” to the communities you love, without asking any realistic questions: As a college student at the University of Minnesota, my time was made unforgettable by my Alpha Gamma Delta family. When asked to serve the chapter as the Philanthropy Advisor, I jumped at the opportunity. During my time as advisor, the fraternity has adopted a new philanthropy, and now, a new structure that has elevated the opportunities for philanthropic and community service involvement. This is what we call a best case scenario.
  • Scrappy is hanging out with dogs at 6 a.m., because you find room in your schedule for the things you love- I’m an over enthusiastic owner of a Pointer Spaniel, Maya. This gem was adopted from Secondhand Hounds, a foster based rescue that I volunteer for whenever possible. This is spent walking dogs, trying to figure out if cats like me, and taking many snapchats. It makes my heart full.
  • Scrappy is actively disregarding recipes, and all the recipes I give you being just my best guess– After studying abroad in Rome for a semester, I fell in love with cooking real food and I continue to be inspired with ways to make healthy eating attainable and delicious. My goal is always to make food that tastes good, not that taste good for being vegetarian/paleo/etc. Let me know what you try!

Thanks for reading!

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