The Best Guests


“We are coming tomorrow- Thursday am,” my mom texted me at 9 pm Monday night. To which the only logical response was, “Who knew?!?”

Kylie, Ingrid, Myself, the stars: Sheryl, Scott

With ski equipment and an early birthday gift packed, a dogsitter arranged, and a non-refundable hotel reservation on the books, it seemed the suggested February 19-21 visit to the Cities had accidentally been moved up a month. Even as the last to know, I am so glad it did.

To ensure the 5+ hour drive from Milwaukee is worthwhile, I normally have a detailed itinerary with the objective of making them as obsessed with the Twin Cities as I am. Clearly we’ve made progress if they’re voluntarily visiting in January. AmIRight?

So Tuesday’s date night of fish tacos at Brandon’s and late Revenant viewing became a double date. While my go-to is visiting the best or newest restaurants, I think we may have discovered a new tradition. Brandon and I take our homemade dinners very seriously (let me know if you want to score an invite), so getting to share a meal and snapshot of our weeknights with my family was far more meaningful than any trendy menu.

Important vegetarian note: Freehouse allows black bean substitutes for any burger *heart eyes emoji*

We met back up for lunch Wednesday downtown at Ling & Louie’s, which my roommate Sarah Duever joined us for. In an effort to make everyone feel like a celebrity, I like to alert the masses that my parents are in town and see what they’re able to join us for. My mom then spent hours exploring Nicollet Mall and mastering the skyways in the name of shopping. While I was being a worker bee, my dad showed himself around town and visited the Mill City Museum.

With some help from a Minneapolis event calendar, we decided on dinner at Freehouse and a comedy show at Acme Comedy as our evening activity. With the very intense viewing of Revenant (I spent a lot of time hiding in my scarf) the night before, I figured laughter would be the best medicine. However, any night with the celeb guest list of my parents and freshman year clan/Florida and Vegas travel companions Kylie and Ingrid is destined to be hilarious.

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For the record, I took this before photos were outlawed (Kylie, not so much)

As a first-timer to the Acme Comedy Club, I would absolutely recommend it to anyone visiting or living in Minneapolis. It mixes the posh atmosphere of it’s North Loop stomping grounds with the comfort and coziness all Minnesotans love. Servers visit you in the red plush seating for drink orders, as we laughed (with a few cringes) through three openers and the main act: Minnesota-native, Cy Amundson.

While Amy Schumer Radio sometimes gets me through the work day, nothing compares to the intoxicating atmosphere of a comedy club. Surrounded by other audience members, some with a crazier laugh than mine, you can’t help but be present. Even though I couldn’t have told you Monday this is what my week would have looked like, I couldn’t think of anywhere else I wanted to be, or company I’d rather have.

Sometimes it’s what we’ve planned the least that we need the most. Scott and Sher- you are welcome any time.