Downdogs for Diabetes


In honor of November being national Diabetes Awareness month, I’d like to shine light on my sorority’s successful philanthropy event this semester. A community yoga class benefiting the Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation, the 2nd Annual Downdogs for Diabetes event proved to be a great success.

Last year as the sorority’s philanthropy coordinator, I created this event as our fall semester fundraiser. It brought in over $2000 by selling tickets to the community for $5 ahead of time and $6 at the door. As the instructor and pioneer of the event, there were details that could’ve have gone smoother.

Our philanthropy coordinator this time around, Jess Lieberman, maintained the framework for the event, but made it even better.

dd for d
Me with our Philanthropy Coordinator, Jess Lieberman

The remodeling of the U of M Recreation Center came at the perfect time, as we were able to host the event in the gorgeous Beacon Room. This also simplified the process of renting speakers and other audio necessities, seeing as the space in the Rec. was complete with a stereo and microphone system that I am familiar with, as an instructor at the Rec.

The Alpha Gamma Delta Foundation funds the research, education and awareness of diabetes, among many programs designed to support sisters and alumni in their personal and professional lives.

This year, through Downdogs for Diabetes, were able to raise over $3000 for the Foundation.

Counteracting the not-so-healthy Pancake feed held every February for the cause, this event displays the value of health while engaging the community. To encourage involvement, a competition was held among the other Greek chapters. Whoever had the most members attend the class would be awarded a private yoga lesson, taught by yours truly. Kappa Alpha Theta was awarded this prize and will be having their private yoga class soon!

All in all, the new location and improved audio system provided for a great event. However the effort Jess, also a strategic communications student, put into the promotion and organization of the event made all the difference. Save the date for another fundraising event, being held on Saturday, December 7th, 11 a.m.-2 p.m!


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