Baby Shower: Didriksons- Party of 3

Scrappy is planning a baby shower, when you’ve maybe been to 1.5  baby showers in your life.

img_8442The game with the tagline “A party game for horrible people” probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind when you’re asked to think of baby shower games. But when I was asked to help plan our friend Michelle’s (Meesh) baby shower, I was determined to make it special.

A few common questions when planning a baby shower are…

  • Have you planned a baby shower before?
  • Will any kids be there?
  • Does anyone else there have kids?
  • Do you know the gender?
  • Did you get a lot of pastels? (real question)

The three of us planning this shower were 0/5 on all of the above, which meant the world was our oyster, and that we looked to Pinterest for all kinds of guidance.

  1. Shower Games that Don’t Suck: I give you Cards Against Humanity: Baby Shower edition. Perhaps my proudest accomplishment of the season. Highly recommended if your crew answered similarly to the questions above^^


  • Step 1: [Buy/Print Cards Against Humanity] Remove all non-baby friendly cards (i.e. dead babies) and the lame cards that no one wants anyway
  • Step 2: Choose 10-20 black subject cards and set all other cards aside
  • Step 3: Create the new subject cards…a few I came up with:
    • What will keep [Parent 1 & Parent 2] young
    • What inspired Baby [Last Name]
    • If [Parent 1] hires a nanny it’ll be due to being overwhelmed by _______.
    • The key to the perfect dad-bod
    • Baby [   ]’s spirit animal
    • The newest trend in mommy social groups
    • Come 2040, Baby [  ] will be in the process of curing ____.
    • When Baby [  ] can’t sleep, [Parent 2] will use this as a remedy.
    • What will keep the magic alive for [Parent 1 & Parent 2]
  • Step 4: I just created rounded squares from “shapes” in Microsoft and added text to each box. Print, cut out, and tape them over the original text on the black cards.
  • Step 5: Play according to normal rules. All participants should get 7 white descriptor cards since the deck is smaller. A black subject card will asked  (i.e. What has Michelle been craving throughout her pregnancy) and everyone submits their best/funniest white card (i.e. “Some god damn peace and quiet,” “Daniel Radcliffe’s delicious asshole,” etc. etc.)
    Everyday baby shower topics.

We also had a onesie decorating contest, invited everyone to write “Mommy advice cards” (despite there being no mommies in the room), and wrote funny messages on diapers to entertain future sleepy parents. The best part of course, was that Meesh got to go home with it all.

2. All things Gold

In Minnesota, we work with a winter backdrop for 40% of the year, so we played off holiday lights with a gold color scheme, a coffee & baileys bar, and cranberry apple sangria. This was the perfect way to keep things gender neutral but still have a lot of fun with the theme.


3. Functional Decorations & Favors


We opted for a brunch event with warm breakfast sliders, an egg bake, and chicken skewers. A family friend contributed gorgeous red velvet cupcakes. We noshed on guacamole, artichoke dip, and puppy chow in between games.

See you in March, Baby Didrikson!