Pumpkin Spice Shake

IMG_3441If you’re missing pumpkin spice lattes and other treats in that crazy-sweet fall genre, you will love this smoothie.

I am under the impression that all of my smoothies are masterpieces, so I always have to check with multiple people, especially those who would rather take the Starbucks, to make sure it really is a winner.

-5 ice cubes
-Handful frozen pineapple (I buy fresh, chop it up and then freeze)
-1 scoop vanilla cinnamon Fit Protein powder from Whole Foods*
-1.5 cup plain almond milk
-5 shakes cinnamon, or to taste and 2 shakes nutmeg, or to taste

*If using a different vanilla protein powder, amp up the spices and add pumpkin pie spice if possible

Blend until it has the consistency of a frosty, keeping an element of iciness is what makes this as satisfying as a shake! I love it for a post work-out or late-night snack.



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