Redefine Craft

Some projects are like pulling teeth, especially as a senior. However, there’s others that you’re excited to work on, where you want to see your group the next day, and you can’t wait to present your work. And it’s a pretty good sign when those projects are for classes in your major.

Digital Media for Strategic Communications at the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities has excited me with new challenges, and at the same time comforted with me with the reminder that my strengths are all welcome in this space. Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 9.25.16 PM

All semester, we have been working in groups and using the American Craft Council as a client for various projects. For our final project, we brought together the whole semester of work, which included research, strategic goals, detailed plans for owned, earned, and paid media for three different campaigns, reasoning, and expected results.

Something we kept hearing over and over again was that people have the wrong idea when it comes to “craft.” Even referring to the ACC’s work as “fine craft” was still not redirecting the conversation. This was also reflected on the almost immediate bounce rate the website has experienced.

I wanted to change this, and made my focus a campaign that asks supporters, strangers, and everyone in between to #RedefineCraft.

tactile ad

tradeshow ad

knitting ad

The idea behind this campaign was to change the conversation surrounding craft, and recognize the American Craft Council as a respected source of thought leaders, talent, and unbeatable quality.

Get ready Minneapolis, craft has arrived.

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