Stand Out For The Right Reasons

I think Miley’s VMA performance really captures one way to be memorable. However, this might not be the right route for everyone. Let’s hope not.

As sorority sisters and classmates prepare for December and spring graduations, I’m seeing applications for full-time jobs being used as a study break from finals. With all these applications and interviews, standing out in competitive markets proves essential. Now that you know what to wear for these scenarios, be memorable below the surface as well.


It’s common for applicants to call an interviewer to check on the status of their application, but what about once you have heard back? If informed you did not receive a position, it’s common to respond nicely and forget about the position. Instead, respond thanking them for the consideration and ask for something to improve on.

Seeking this feedback proves your dedication to your professional life. Schedules and lives change constantly, it’s very possible for unexpected openings to occur in any field. You’ll stay top of mind through this simple correspondence. This also applies to seeking feedback after holding a job position or internship. 



LinkedIn may not seem very revolutionary to a social media obsessed generation, but it has more power than you realize. This is again a great way to follow-up with an interviewer, you’re not ready to be Facebook friends, but connecting on LinkedIn is appropriate.

Displaying your social media proficiency is just the cherry on top of this tip. This also presents opportunities to create a relationship you wouldn’t otherwise have. Add and/or message speakers that inspire you, people working in your field of interest and others you admire. LinkedIn provides a way to introduce yourself without being creepy. Perfect.

Say Thank You

As mentioned, social media is all the rage. This phenomenon adds value to the written word. After interviews, holding positions/internships and 1:1 meetings send a hand written thank you card. Getting anything in the mail, led alone hand written, is a change of pace.

Express gratitude and express it well.

In thank you notes, utilize specific details from the conversation/interview so the receiver of the note easily recalls who you are and what meeting you are referring to. If it sounds like anyone could have written it, it’s not even worth sending. Don’t just go through the motions, be genuine- then you’ll be memorable.

Why now?

I’m not a graduating senior, but my focus on my future makes internships and networking very important. I’m in a sorority house of over 100 other women working to prepare for professional careers. By being invested in the success of others, you pick a few things up along the way.

These scenarios and the benefits of these tips are all things I have witnessed with my sisters or in my own experience. Even if you’re happy in your current employment or focusing on being a student, using these tips to create quality professional relationships will be helpful in the future. Setting the framework for future success is always relevant.

The most important lessons aren’t always what you experience, but what you’re able to learn from others.

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