Marty Bergquist


We live in an age of paralyzing pressure.

Constant worries of how exactly we measure up.

Regardless of majors, we all minor in competition.

And a “minor mistake” is an oxymoron.

Why do we let questions start with “sorry” yet never apologize for not trusting ourselves?

Soon we won’t be the only ones putting ourselves on the benches.

Marty wasn’t about that bench life. His drive, his vision, and his passion allowed the results of his endeavors to drip in success. As with any brilliant young soul, we have a lot to learn from Marty.

I don’t see a lack of drive in myself or in the students surrounding me. No, in the all-nighters, the impressive resumes and the stellar grades, the drive is there. Obsessively so. What we are missing, especially women, is the fearless confidence that must accompany drive.

It’s so easy to find the strengths and talents of the person next to you, yet impossible to remember that they are listing things off about you as well.

Marty was someone who had the heart to dream amazing things for the world, and the brains to make them happen. We need more Martys. We need more long terms goals that aren’t presented with “If I could” or followed by “but…”

We need to act from a place of passion, from true dedication. Not moving just to go through the motions.

What in your current life would you still do, even if you couldn’t put it on your resume? Only when we eliminate half-hearted endeavors can we experience the pride of every accomplished entrepreneur, every successful philanthropist, every happy soul.

What if we got more out of our current internships, classes, relationships, instead of adding more?

We need to “love all, trust a few and do wrong to none.” We need to channel our inner Marty, because with a loss like this, the world needs us.

2 thoughts on “Marty Bergquist

  1. Good evening Sarah,

    Hope all is well.

    Spot on. There is a depth to our lives – and the lives of others – that few risk to venture toward. I think the fear of making that descent leads us to clutter the surface by “adding more”.

    I did not know Marty, but I have heard from and read of him through others. My youngest son knew him. But now, I know a little more about him, and, you too.

    Hang in there.

    Best regards,


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